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Thread: An opinion about upgrading the Barn

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    Thanh Le

    An opinion about upgrading the Barn


    I'm level 34 now and I would like to share my experiences to new players.

    If you want to upgrade your Barn fast, you should not expand your lands because when you expand your lands to a certain amount, you will need Axes, and Shovels to expand the lands. That means the chances to get the tools for Buildings and Barn are lower.

    I wish I should not expand the lands and be patient until I upgrade my Barn to 300 or 350. Now I didn't receive any Nail in 5 days straight, even though I had 3 trains at 20% faster (I sent 3 trains off every 4 hours, 12 hours a day = 9 rounds of trains per day, but no Nail at all)

    So be careful when you decide to expand your lands or focus on upgrading your Barn.
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