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Thread: I'm Looking fot Co-Op, (ONLY GOLD LEAGUE)

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    I'm Looking fot Co-Op, (ONLY GOLD LEAGUE)

    Hello there,
    I'm Albert, Level 41 and Level 4 Zoo
    I always done 16 task, due to be on less competitive co-op,need a new one that always like to be chat,and ofcourse competing over podium position.
    And having group chat(no mandatory,but its better to make everyone feel like friendly family of TS)
    My contact:
    Kik : ibelievekarma
    Line : Tennedy21

    Here's what i've done in this regatta,(16Tasks/2120)Screenshot_2017-04-02-08-26-46-651_com.playrix.township.jpg
    Have a nice day!(:

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    I am the leader of an awesome co-op called Rocket Power and we are looking for active/daily players to join our team! Most of our members are based in the US but some of the players are in other countries. We communicate in English. We are a very helpful team, requesting items from each other and always helping fill each others planes/trains. We also like to chat together; anything from thank you's/you're welcome's, to discussing strategy, to just life!

    We don't have many rules for being part of the Rocket Power co-op, all very standard, see outlined below:
    - Utilize chat/messages, active communication with team members as needed.
    - Be friendly and helpful to each other.
    - Complete a minimum of 12 tasks each Regatta or opt out before the race begins. We typically always complete all 15 tasks.
    - Only focus on tasks that have a point value of greater than 130, everything below that we dump.
    - If prepping for a task or wanting a specific task, please claim it in the chat using all caps text (do your best to honor those reserve requests when made too please). [Example; "Claiming GRAPES 133", or "GRAPES 133 next please", etc.] I summarize the claimed task requests hourly so players don't have to go hunting for the older claimed messages in the chat.

    I should also mention that we do not focus on the global leader board. Our goal is to place in the top three of each race, preferably 1st of course! Racing in the Regatta is not mandatory, however, must set yourself to Not Racing (opt out) if unable to participate actively or meet the requirements outlined above.

    If this sounds like a family you'd like to be a part of look our co-op up in the game and request to join. Hope to see you soon!!
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    Hello albert.ive already sent u a private msg.pls check and reply

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    Join Chatting Grannies we are gold league.

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    Join us. We r almost Gold ;-)

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    If you have not chosen anyone yet, I am the Leader of Dream Squad. We are friendly, chatty, in Gold Tier, and usually place 1st. All 15 tasks are required..and love it when a member does 16. What else can I tell you about us? We love to have fun while competing in the Regatta. If your interested in a friendly, helpful place and you have not found a co op yet. Look us up. Dream Squad. Thank you , and have a nice night, Purple Haze.

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    Sorry you can't join us. Your game level is too low. Sorry

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    I added you... Sounds like a good fit... We've weeded out the rif raf and now have a solid 11 members not counting the 2 - 4 that may still be on the way out... Come join😀

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    hi albert you can join us we r new coop (4week) we r all active. in gold league .i helped always above 600 . we do tasks under 110 . our coop name is The happy gamers my town name: irsak. u r welcom

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