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Thread: Date of when last active in game

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    Date of when last active in game

    It would be great if we could tell when a player was last active in the game! I don't want to select friends that have stopped playing the game! And I think we have co-op members that have stopped playing completely, but hard to tell.
    If there could be a date stamp or date/time stamp of when a player last accessed the game or last actively did something in the game it would be nice. First choice would be on their player picture, second choice would be in their Profile.

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    I 100% agree this should be available somewhere!

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    This is a great idea if possible!

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    I just keep an eye on their ships and trains. If they never have a port without ships or a station without trains they most likely are not playing. I also keep an eye on the crops and if the crops are always at full growth I assume they're not playing as well.I have also helped on a train or plane just to see if my avatar is still there every time I come back and that's another way I can see that a co-op member is not for participating.
    I do think it would be great if on a person's profile it showed how many days since the last time the player checked in on their town.

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    I also would like a section on the friends tab in which we could see who we recently helped. Sometimes I help people so fast I forget to look at their town and then I forget who they are and I don't get a chance to go back and see their town. I especially hate it when that happens once I spotted something I've liked.

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    This would be quite convenient.

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    Currently the easiest way to tell if a someone is no longer playing, is to take a screenshot of the number of people they have helped. This way, you can also see whether you think a friend isn't as active as you would like. If you haven't helped another player in a long while, and vice versa, does it really matter whether they're still playing? If their lifestyle has changed, and you are no longer helping each other, what is the benefit of keeping them on your friends list?

    Also be mindful, that an empty train station is not an indicator that someone is active. They could have 3 trains full of materials and tools waiting to be unloaded. We don't see those trains in other players towns.

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