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Thread: What's Your Farming Strategy?

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    What's Your Farming Strategy?

    Curious to see how others plan out their farming.

    Do you grow a little bit of each crop? Do you focus on a few and rely upon the market to fill out others?

    I generally have all crops somewhere, but every few days or so I shred the whole thing to plant those I need to replenish my animal feed stores.

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    Hi Amoria
    For my animal feed factories I have permanent crops planted: 4 carrot, 4 corn and 8 wheat. This way I can supply a factory corn and wheat to make 4 bags of cow food. Replant wheat and wait two minutes for it to grow. Then supply a factory carrot and wheat to produce 4 bags of chicken food. Lastly the carrot and corn produces 2 bags of sheep food.
    I always have 6 sugarcane growing for the sugar factory. This is used when I need to produce bee food.

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    I have rows of mostly eleven and two shorter rows. The eleven start with: silk, 2 rows of rubber plant's, pine trees, cocoa, peppers, tomatoes, cotton, sugar cane. One short row is strawberries and the last row is rotated out for the feeds.
    Of course this is blown out of the water if a train or plane ask for multiple of one plant.

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    I do the short term crops, those that grow in less than 4 hours, during the day and before bed, I plant long term crops like cocoa, rubber, and silk. 😊

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    I continually have 7 silk, 21 rubber trees, 12 wheat, 12 corn, 6 carrots, and at least 6 sugarcane growing at all times. Before I take feed for any of the animals, I first harvest what I need to make more and get it started in the feed mills, then swipe across the top to take the feed. With my other crops, I usually try to plant 12 cocoa and 12 coffee at least once everyday. Throughout the day I vary trees, rice, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes. I also try to grow about 10-12 roses and 8-10 jasmine if I can find time.

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    I have rows of about 6 of just about every crop.

    I reserve two rows for rubber because of the long growing time versus demand. I alternate between rose and jasmine because demand is still low.

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    Always have 10 to 12 of these crops
    Tomato, Potato, Strawberry, Pepper, Pine trees

    5 of Sugarcane

    4 of Walnut, Rubber (usually buy these from the market)

    With the rest i shuffle between Corn, Carrot, Cotton, Wheat, Rice as per need. ( and before going to sleep, replace some of these with rubber and walnut)

    Never grow silk, always buy from the market.
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    Thanks for this thread...very interesting the differing points of view! I have the maximum number of fields...I always have trees, peppers, cocoa, potatoes, red and white flowers planted, 7 fields of each. I store about 10 each of the rest, except for rubber and silk which I buy from the market. The rest of the fields are open to use as needed. I have all 3 feed buildings with the max shelves. The shelves are always full....6 cow and chicken; 4 pig, sheep and bee. I replace feed as I use it.

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    I grow pretty much everything at all times in varying amounts based on demand. But my one clever strategy is planning when to plant the long growing crops. For instance, I would never plant a row of rubber between noon and 6 pm because rubber takes 12 hours and I am not going to log in between midnight and 6 am. That means that for those 6 hours the space can be used for crops that grow in under 6 hours. Instead I plant rubber early mornings and early evenings if I can. Same for silk (10 or 15 planted between 1 and 4 pm for harvest next day).

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    I have permanent orchards for silk, rubber, cacao, coffee bean - harvest only if a shortfall in the Market. I have permanent roses planted by Flower Shop. All other crops I plant, store (up to 15 each) in produce section of my barn, use quickly in game play and immediately replant. Animal feed crops are stored at Feed Mills and used/replaced as needed.

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