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Thread: Game strategy: my tip to get the right help from others

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    Hi Pam

    If you hate those, just ask for help

    It may be a long time to make 65 wheat/corn if you don't have any in the barn and are using 10 fields but we are many players that may already have 60+ of these in their barn and able to use 50 fields to grow more.

    I never hesitate to grow these: if the initial player don't need them anymore, someone else will, myself included
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    My first Game so I'm a bit slow at how things work.
    Thus it took many levels before understanding how asking for help and helping others worked.
    Once I figured it out, it's one of my favorite parts of the game. When I have the barn space, I love helping others with large orders.
    Also, on the trains, I ask for help on the simplest, easy things I may already have in stock while I complete the larger part of the order, and like it when others do the same.
    It's easy clovers for my friends when they help me.
    And filling a secession of friends small requests, has helped me out of a completely jammed barn, when I'm stuck.
    So if you're planning on filling an order that may take a little time, why not ask your neighbors to lend you some sugar.
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    Thanks for the tips

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