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Thread: "New" Player Looking for an Active Co-Op

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    "New" Player Looking for an Active Co-Op

    Hi! I'm a fairly "new" player. I've been playing for a couple of weeks, and I've made it to level 24. I'm a team player, and I like to chat (and help out, when possible, in chat), but my current Co-Op isn't very active. I play daily, and I'm interested in a Co-Op where other players play daily as well. If you're in an active Co-Op that is willing to take in a player at my level and help me grow, I promise, you won't regret it! Please let me know!

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    I am sure you will find a good active co-op. Good luck with your game!

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    I'm looking for that, too! I'm level 34, I'm following this thread to see if anybody pops up!

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    Hello jlcourtemanche and Shenanigans!

    I am the leader of a co-op called Rocket Power. We currently have 10 members, all daily active players that communicate through chat often, and are very helpful and friendly too of course! . Most of us are based in the US but a few are from other countries (Philippines, etc.)

    At the moment, the required level to join is set at 40 but I would be willing to adjust that temporarily depending on how serious you both are. It is sometimes difficult to find players that play daily, are good communicators, AND enjoy racing / are able to do Regatta tasks efficiently.

    We don't have many rules for being part of the Rocket Power co-op, just the standard, see outlined below:
    - utilize chat
    - be friendly/help each other
    - complete at least 12 tasks in each Regatta or opt out before the race begins
    - only do tasks that are 120 points and up preferably (we dump all low point tasks)
    - claim tasks through chat if prepping for them (do your best to honor those reserve requests when made)

    If this is a group either of you would like to join let me know please!!

    Thank you!
    Town Name: Violet Meadows
    Town Level: 61
    Co-op Name: Rocket Power
    Co-op FB Group: Rocket Power Township Co-op
    Friend Code: YVRJ67 - Add me!
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    You can join Hartwing! We're very relaxed. We have a few daily players. You're not required to regatta race but must complete more than one task if you do. Members should help others when they can.

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    You can join fun co-op. There are only 3 people right now but we are all active and friendly. We also take the races very seriously. Haha! We would love to have you.

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    hi Alex join our coop we r all active . tasks 110+.and we consult and reserve the next task. no one in our coop wait when he ask for help
    coop: The happy gamers.

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    Helping Hands (purple paw) open to all. New co-op with members who are active. Currently 8/30. Look us up

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