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Thread: Lost My Township

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    My granddaughter downloaded Township on a new iOS device and I think she clicked the wrong button to get her old game at level 31. Now she has one on her phone at level 4 and one on her iPad at level 31, both connected to Game Center. I tried uninstalling the one on phone and reinstalling but it went back to level 4. How do I fix this?

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    Report it from within the game in you new mobile. To report an issue go to the cog wheel i.e., settings and then report an issue. Describe in detail what happened and you town's name too.
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    My problem is same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiran Shirole View Post
    My problem is same
    You have to ask for help from within your game. Click on the cog - help and support - loss of progress. Follow the instructions there.
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    I want to come back my lost township

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    how to get ticket number?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kariana View Post
    Hi Boo, when I had a problem it was around 7 days before I got a response but the problem did get sorted. For the best chance of an admin seeing your post go to the Android Bugs and Issues forum and post in the sticky - Any Bugs Found. Give your ticket number and say how long you've been waiting, an admin should be able to look into it for you then and let you know where you are in the queue.

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    Same happened to me

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    If you have issues with customer support

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo View Post
    same happened to me n contacted playrix cant get a response from them. lost my town that id been playing on for months by trying to put it onto new kindle then clicking wrong action button to connect facebook so frusterated. Please post if you find a solution.
    Hi I have had issues with customer support as well and I contacted Google. Google informed me that playrix is breaking their agreement by not responding within 5 days. If I were you I would contact Google and put in a complaint and have it escalated. The more of us that do this the more playrix will have to be held accountable. Here is the number for google 1-855-836-3987

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    Please tell me how?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo View Post
    Thanks for your responce it has been sorted for me today, happy again
    Boo..i have same problem.. Tell me how it got sorted? Please.

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    i have same problem my account gone

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