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Thread: How To Transfer Game Progress To A New Device

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    Question How To Transfer Game Progress To A New Device


    To transfer your Township data from one device to another they generally must be on the same operating system (OS):
    Android to Android, iOS to iOS, Windows Phone to Windows 10 (PC), etc.

    The only exception to that rule are transfers between iOS and Android devices.

    All other operating systems are not compatible.
    Games cannot be transferred from (or to) Windows Phone/PC or between MAC-Android/iOS devices.*
    The Township Game on Facebook also cannot have its data transferred or synced to another device.

    *While there are emulator programs that might allow -- for example, an Android device to sync with Windows 10 (PC), bear in mind they can be unstable and are not supported by Playrix. If you use one and encounter problems in your game, you're on your own. Customer Support will not help you.


    Note for iOS 10+: It still has Game Center. That update only removed it as an individual application. Go into your device settings and scroll down until you see "Game Center." Tap it and make sure you're logged on there. If not, log in and then open up Township so it syncs/backs up.


    How do I transfer game progress to a new device?

    You can transfer the game progress from an old device to a new one if it's connected to one of the game or social networks supported by Township (e.g. Game Center, Facebook).

    1. Install the latest game version from the application store on your new device.
    2. Open the game and finish the tutorial.
    3. Open the game settings and connect the newly installed game to the same social network account you used on the old device.
    4. Select your old town in the pop-up window and download it.
    5. Type CONFIRM to finish and start playing Township on the new device!


    What do I do if those steps don't work?

    If you're having a hard time transferring your progress, contact Customer Support and provide the following information:

    1. Your device OS.
    2. Your town's name and current level.
    3. Whether or not your old game was connected to a social network and, if so, which one.


    Most of the above information is available in-game (Settings > Help & Support > Loss of Progress and Items) and online on Playrix Support. Additional information came from forum threads like this one (involving Playrix Staff).

    If any of this information is outdated, please feel free to send a pm to any of our Moderators.
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