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    I bought a box in the market it had 2? and 4 paint pails so I thought this might be GOOD for barn upgrade. Let me tell you how DISAPPOINTED I was spending 30 T cash and got 1 brick and 1 glass with my paint. I can get that stuff from the train. If I'm going to spend 30 hard earned T cash I think We should get better stuff than the cheap crap.

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    I never buy market boxes...

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    I never buy market box with ?, only when I see a determined quantity of barn tools (rarely).

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    I never buy market boxes. I never spend cash on something that's a mystery, so I don't do gold hot air balloons or treasure boxes in the mine, etc. If it's a mystery, it's not for me.

    What I really hate is building supplies in the House of Luck. Really? That box gives 20 tcash, but this one is one stinking glass? Gee, thanks, I'm going to sell that right now.

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    I miss the days when some balloons and mine chests were free to open, now they're just a annoyance that I have to click on just to get rid of and I seem to have upset my HOL as haven't had money for ages last week I opened one chest and got 5,milk the very next chest gave me 6 milk are the game makers getting tighter?? I admit to occasionally buying the odd box at the market but only for mining stuff if I needed to finish task for regatta

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    I do buy mining stuff from the market for t cash sometimes but I always know exactly what I am getting. I no longer buy any tools for building, barn upgrades or land expansions because it makes it so I end up with too much of one or two tools and not enough of another. I do open the chests in the mine and the balloons in other people's towns and have not regretted it at all.

    As far as what is offered in the market, I have no complaints.

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