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    Level 621

    Needing help to complete this level.. i dont understand how it can be done. If you get to the point of getting rid of the leaves and getting to the other side to remove the rest of the honey, you are still trying to do the butterflies but you run out of moves.... is it a mass explosion that is required??

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    Kathy this level is tough, you'll need to get lucky and generate a few bombs pretty early on. I was stuck on this one for quite awhile until the pieces did what I needed them to do. Obviously if you can save those two rainbow blasts on the right side for use on the leaves, that's really the only option. You'll have to get lucky and get a bomb right near the start to help clear that chained honey pretty quickly and as with any butterfly level, if you can capture a butterfly, that's almost always your priority. If a butterfly make it's way up the screen 6 or 7 spaces, you just won't have enough moves to capture them all. There's not much more I can say other than. Get to those rainbow blasts asap WHILE capturing butterflys, use rainbow blasts on green leaves (both rainbow blasts) asap and pray to the gardenscape gods that they help clear the few remaining pieces of honey and that butterflies appear just as need them too. Remember that if you don't like how your pieces are situated off the start you can click the gear icon, select exit and try again. As long as you don't make any moves, you can restart the level a bunch until you get the start you're looking for.

    Good luck

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