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Thread: Add new tab in regatta for task requests

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    Add new tab in regatta for task requests

    We have had a problem in our co-op regarding regatta tasks. The co-leader that manages the board tries to hold tasks for players requesting a task for after they are done with their current one. We post it to the chat that someone has dibs on, let's say, truck task. But the chat gets chatty and soon that task being held for a player is way down the chat. Another player takes trucks and then makes co-leader and person who already requested frustrated.
    My wish list---is it possible to have a tab dedicated to regatta posts, where if you want a task but can't take it right away you are able to make a quick post requesting it next. Then your other co-players can see that task has already been requested. This will prevent making anyone upset. It would be nice to have it separate from the chat.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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    There's a discussion of something similar in this thread - you might want to chime in over there. It might be more workable than a separate chat area.

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