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    Wish List

    I am a leader of a pretty strong Co-op on the Mac Version. We’ve established in August of 2016. My Core players are already at Co-Leader status and they play so well in the Regattas.

    I wish there was a way, as leader that I could reward them for playing so well. It would encourage them to stay with my Co-op and continue to play the game and not burn out.

    A store where I could buy things (like we had for Valentine’s Day) would be great.

    Maybe Playrix could give the Leader a X amount of “store cash" they could use to use to purchase items to send store items to their good players.

    It would be a good incentive and keep the game going.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Give them your gifts every day

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    I ran across a coop where everyone in the coop would send the same person a gift. This deserving person was named by the leaders and coleaders after the end of each regatta. Didn't cost anyone anything and who wouldn't love opening all those gifts in one day!

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    I also think that with the repeated emphasis on team play, somehow it doesn't sound right to me that the Leader would reward single "good pupils".
    I often receive help from my fellow Coop members (friends also!) and am so grateful when they 'rescue' me Due to timezones, that can be different within a Coop (meeting same ppl in your timezone) - in any case, I like to decide that myself in general; that's what the balloons are for.
    The Leader isn't responsible for the good behavio(u)r of players in the Coop either, regatta-wise, not alone anyway, and shouldn't have the feeling the good players had to be bribed to stay.

    But as a team thank you: I've seen something like Laurel mentioned described here, too; they sent their gift balloons after the end of regatta to their 3 best helpers. All of them, and they had talked it over and agreed of it before.

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