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Thread: Who is your favorite customer?

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    Who is your favorite customer?

    I didn't find anywhere the names of the Township characters, except Agnes the fairy, who was announced on FB.

    Do you know their names? Is there a list somewhere?

    I am level 36 now, so I'll meet other characters in the game for sure, but I have already seen enough of them to ask you the question:

    Who is your favorite character and why?

    I can't make a poll because it has a max of 10 options. To help your choice, I made a collage of the helicopter customers; some characters like the man in the foundry, people from isles or other ones I still don't know are missing, but I think you got the point.


    Personally, my favorite characters are Agnes and the other little girl: they are so sweet and I already adopted them as my nieces and I always give them everything they ask, even if it takes hours to accomplish the order
    I also like the man in the foundry: he really loves his work... and ingots.

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    Well, my favorite character who makes me laugh out loud is the Scientist in the Lab. A sort of cross between Psy (Gangnam Style) and Kim Jong Un.

    The only other character I like is the Mafia guy (I named him Luigi) because he gives me lots of XP and a Tcash or 2!

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    My favorites are Agnes the Fairy and the Little Girl with the Teddy Bear. They are so cute.

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    I'd have to agree with prettyeyes but can I just say the blonde with the two pink bows in her hair creeps me out? Her eyes are way too huge, she looks like she's has Graves' disease

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    My favorite is probably the guy with the headphones. He reminds me of my brother.

    Does anyone have a list of their names? I only know the names of the more recently added people, like Becky the helicopter pilot. It would be nice to know all of their names (instead of just calling them "mafia guy" and "train station guy")!
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    My favorite would have to be Alicia (the jogging girl). She reminds me of one of my favorite characters from Danganronpa.

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    What is the cheerleader customer saying. Her mouth clearly says something & it doesn’t line with the message.

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    She and all the characters are supposed to be saying what is in the chat bubble that appears...however none of the are lip-synced so it us rather amusing

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    For me, the hip hop and rap guy.

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    I am curious about how many players care about "who" give you the order rather than "what" is the order's requirement

    It is impossible for me to tell the difference between any characters, they make no difference to me anyway completely

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