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Thread: Google+ instead of Facebook

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    Google+ instead of Facebook

    I am at level 45 and haven't connected to Facebook so far. I just bought a new smartphone, therefore I want to transfer my progress over. Can I connect to FB now to save my current progress and transfer it later?
    By the way, we should be able to use Google Play account instead of the FB one.

    Just a side note, the facebook related in-game message is ambiguous, it seems that if we logon we are going to lose our progress and start from zero.
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    With all the server problems now is not the right time to try that. Sorry about that.

    You don't mention either if both your device are from the same platform. This is mandatory as you can't transfer a game from android to iOS or the reverse.
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    thx for your reply!

    I have great news!!!! Just installed and opened the game on my new smartphone annnnnnd..... it automatically logged into my Google Play account and loaded my progress! By the way I don't have a facebook account and I was planning to create one just to save my progress, but thankfully Google Play is enough!

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