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Thread: Facebook connect not working, can't invite friends (Windows Phone)

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    Facebook connect not working, can't invite friends (Windows Phone)

    Hi! I'm having trouble finding dedicated Windows Phone advice. I'm posting here since I can't seem to find anything for WP. I'm trying to connect to Facebook. I click the blue connect button and it tells me I already authorized Facebook, but when I return to the game, it still shows the 'connect'. I also can't do any inviting of friends. I have a Help Needed, Friends, Followers and Random tabs in the Friends section. I can go into the Random players tab and follow someone, but I can't add a specific player. How do I get specific friends? I'd love to add some frequent players!

    Thanks for the help and sorry if this is in the wrong section!

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    MarinaK: Welcome to the Forum. Windows Phone is really new to the Township family and you need to read this post from Ksenia our Admin:

    I know it is not the news you want to hear, but it is informative, nonetheless.

    Edit: Please scroll down to find Ksenia's post.
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    Ahh, thank you. Not the best news, but it explains some things. I'm used to WP games being behind Android and iOS, at least. I'll make do with adding the random players and helping them in game

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    Hi MarinaK:

    Welcome to forum. You haven't mentioned Windows version, however, please check Windows Phone this may help


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