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Thread: Can You Help Too Much?

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    Can You Help Too Much?

    I help as much as possible and I don't think of the clovers, just a genuine love for helping people out. But I'm sensing a little resentment because of it. Should I back off or carry on doing what I love doing - helping where I can?

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    Hi SupaSue!

    Are you in a co-op? Because I can see only one possible negative side of massive helping - that less active members can't catch up with you and get their clovers too

    In general, helping is great part of the game and in my strategy (or rather way of playing) products are shared between planes, friends, trains and zoo - and poor town's people get their orders done when there is no other way to empty the barn

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    Hi Sue, in our co-op we have some who will often need to earn clovers and will then work out which products/items that they can fill first. We ask them to jump into our towns before flagging any items, so that they are there ready and waiting and can fill the items first. We will also request products specifically in the hope that they can earn clovers within the co-op.

    We do have members who can fill items within a matter of seconds, but we all pull together to help each other too.

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    That is an interesting question “Can I help too much?” It sounds like you really enjoy helping.

    The short answer is yes, but it depends on a lot of things.

    I have been in other Co-ops where there were quick draw helpers who thought it was funny how fast they helped. It was three of them doing this. Within a second or two the deed was done. And when you looked at the help statistics in that Co-op, you saw that these 3 had hundreds of helps by the end of the week and a lot of goose eggs by everyone else. There was no use even trying, they were on all day long.

    Here’s the thing. Clovers are a much more valuable commodity now that we have the HOL task in the Regatta. And even without that, it is via the House of Luck that you recoup some of the gems you spend on whatever. Serious Township players covet clovers.

    One-Eye 57 touched on an interesting concept recently and he called it “Reverse Giving.” I went into the same thing a year ago in my infamous “Help Hog” thread. The idea is to give others the opportunity to give by not filling all the train cars or jet boxes even when you could have.

    I will typically never fill more than two train cars and the same for jets. If both the jet and the train cars are available at the same time, then I limit myself to 3 gives between the 6 available. If it is a higher level player I am helping, sometimes not even that. For the higher level player most of the time does not even require the help but is giving clovers. They may not appreciate someone licking all of the striping off the candy cane.

    There are at least two exceptions to the above. If you are playing Township in the wee hours of the morning then that person will appreciate you doing everything. Go for it then. Also, extremely low level players not in a Co-op probably appreciate immediate complete help.

    Some Co-ops may have worked out their rules on all of this. Pink's reply is an excellent example of that. Be sensitive to your Co-op’s way of doing things and make adjustments as you need.

    Kind regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SupaSue View Post
    I help as much as possible and I don't think of the clovers, just a genuine love for helping people out. But I'm sensing a little resentment because of it. Should I back off or carry on doing what I love doing - helping where I can?
    Clovers, and how you do not think of them, may be the cause of the resentment you sense. Because clovers to many players are a prime resource. They provide access to valuable items in the House of bad Luck. And they score the highest point regatta tasks.

    So perhaps it's useful to broaden your view on helping others? So you can be the very best helper you can be Consider the value of clovers into your helping, and you can find new ways of helping:
    - not filling coop members request immediately, but waiting so others that are online get a shot too
    - leaving easy to fill crates open so other coop members can fill them, even if you have the items in store

    Also, a valuable piece of advice not just for you but also for your coop members: only befriend players outside your coop. So you get more opportunities to help other players. Basically a friend slot occupied by a coop member is a wasted slot when it comes to clover gathering. Perhaps they'd have less issues and more (deserved!) appreciation for you if they cleaned up their friend lists to gain more helping opportunities?

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    Thank you so much for responding guys and you've certainly given me food for thought. Yes, I'm in a Co-op and I was looking at it as a way of getting their trains and planes away quicker to achieve the task during the Regatta. I'm definitely at fault whereby I don't ask for an awful lot of help with mine, again, to get the task completed. But I will hold back (that'll be hard lol) and ask for more help for myself. I'm glad I asked the question now😊

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    I help a lot and definitely think of clovers yet, my question of thought is should I be selling the goods for more money.

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide.

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    The question then, is do you get more coins for giving an item away to help someone's train or jet or by selling it on a helicopter order? Also, if your factories are upgraded for coins, then I would suppose you do not get the factory bonus on a friend help? I don't know the answer to this. If the coins are close, then much more preferable would be to get the clover. That would be my choice.

    Let's see if anyone else knows the answer to this one.

    Kind Regards,

    Welcome to the Forum Aislin!

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    For unboosted, unupgraded factory helicopter missions, I think there's not a great difference overall. It's mainly the choice between a helicopter mission for straight coins in a known quantity, versus clovers for a chest that could contain thousands of coins, or other valuable loot, or a booby prize.

    But once you add factory bonus +gold (only applies to helicopter orders, not to helping others), and the helicopter booster, then there's no getting around it: helicopter orders are the better gold getter.

    Hot items in the zoo are also better in pure gold reward than helping. In particularly with upgraded +gold and +hearts.

    And then you get an earnest "thanks for the help" in your coop chat, and how that makes the sun shine brighter than any gold

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    I also love to help but have found it is essential to give others the opportunity to earn clovers too. I would be resentful of anyone who always filled my crates but never gave the opportunity to fill their's.
    As far as clovers and helping is concerned it is important to most players to get a chance at both. The majority of my co op automatically ask for help with every train or plane whether they can fill it themselves or not. Some only wait for 10 minutes or so before filling it themselves, but at least the opportunity was given and usually taken by then.
    My co op has many players who fill crates within moments but we also pull together to give others the opportuniy to fill them first if they comment in chat that they need to earn clover. As with much of this game, when it comes to co ops, communication is key.

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