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Thread: What am I missing?? - Level 102

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    What am I missing?? - Level 102

    New to the it, but so stuck on level 102...please help?

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    Focus on 2 of the 3 flower plots for flower generation. Save 1 of your rainbow blasts that you'll create until the end or close to the end to gather all the flowers at once. You'll probably need to generate a few firecrackers to break some of the upper rocks first before you'll have the space to start generating bombs. Once you've cleared enough rocks to access two of the lower plots, make sure every move you make after that point is being used to generate flowers or to create large power ups that can hit multiple plots at once. Remember that exploding multiple power-ups at once will increase the rate at which rainbow blast charges, giving you the opportunity to create 2 or even 3 rainbow blasts over the course of the level. Take your time and ensure that every move you make is the best possible option available. Good luck.

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    Thank you! You're suggestions were of great help and I beat the level!

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