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Thread: Leader should be able to opt non players out

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    Leader should be able to opt non players out

    I think the leader of the co-opt should be able to opt out a non-participating member without having to kick them out.
    Sometimes things happen and the member can't opt out for whatever reason. So the leader should be able to opt them out without kicking them out. I think this could be a leader option, but not co-leader or elder etc.
    Thank you

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    I disagree 100%! If a co-op member doesn't opt out and the leader doesn't like it, they have the option to kick that member out. If they don't want to do that, then they have to deal with the consequences, but they do not have the right to get into a member's game and opt out for them..that's completely wrong!

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    I think if a co op member has been inactive for a period of time (say 60 or 90 days) they should be removed. We have 30 members and only about 10 or 12 of them are active. We need members who play on a regular basis. If we had better members who are willing to help with the regatta, maybe we could win from time to time.

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    It is up to each co-op/leaders to decide what they feel is an adequate time period before removing a member from the co-op. If a member has disappeared while opted in to race, this will seriously affect that co-op's advantage in the regatta.

    The devs have stated that they will not allow anyone to change another member's racing status. Therefore it is up to each co-op to ensure that all members know what the time limit is, before they will be removed from the co-op. When letting someone go, they will be sent a message and there is enough room to ask them to return. If they are friends with a co-op member, they can be sent an invite once removed.

    Depending on the co-op's racing strategy, non-racing members could well be given a longer time period than racing members.

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    If regatta participation is a requirement in the Coop, yes, the leader should kick inactive or not-opted-out members out. JIC: It's their task, though, and not Playrix'.
    (and their means is kicking from the Coop, not getting into other people's games, as was said above.)
    So I recommend to talk to the leader.

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