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Thread: Cancel Button

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    I think most of you are missing the point.
    Yes, creating the cancel button is easy programming. Other similar games have it.
    Yes, making the loss of coin or mats would prevent abuse.
    However, not having the cancel button makes people think about using the speed-up / instant finsh, which costs T-cash, and that is the end goal of the game right? Making us spend T-cash, and buying more with real cash?
    THAT is why there is and won't be a cancel button.

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    Let’s remember this is fir the devs a business, for us it’s a game.
    They want the game to progress slowly, from the start they said it was to be a forever game.
    Part of that is having lots of patience. Therefore if we have something in production in the factories, we have to play the waiting game.
    That said, the devs would love it if we all spent tcash to speed things up. Thus maintaining their business and profit margins.

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