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    Hi I'm Bountiful. As you can see I'm having to sell buildings to rearrange my town only because the "storage" feature is only temporary. I need time to change and fit things I can't do it in a few hrs or one game sitting.

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    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me. I started the thread “looking for realistic towns” but cant seem to reply to anyones post on that thread. Does anyone know why?

    Anyway, I have kept designing in the realistic way but have truely enjoyed following all the design threads and viewing both realistic and fantastic designs.

    If you would like to view my progress, here are my details:

    Level 88
    Town name: Ruby Land
    Co-op tag: #UCRCCZ
    Co-op name: Luck of the Wee Folk

    (And yes I know I should add details to signature, but can’t seem to work that out either)

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    There's been a slight technical issue with posting in certain threads for certain users, which I understand the tech team are actively looking into.

    Your details should now be added to your signature. If you wish to change them you should be able to go to the very top of the page, click on settings, then down the left side click edit signature.
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    Thankyou so much!

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    Did you change your town name? Is your co-op The Crystal Gems?. Cant find your town under the name "Blyton Rocks".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanjiru View Post
    Did you change your town name? Is your co-op The Crystal Gems?. Cant find your town under the name "Blyton Rocks".
    hi yes that's the co op. i changed my town to Ghoulton! 😀

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