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Thread: Idea for Future Event/Seasonal Themes

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    Idea for Future Event/Seasonal Themes

    I just thought it might be fun to have events that connect with particular community buildings--as a way to help us blend them better in the town. These could occur maybe every other year so that they don't clash too much with standard seasonal events.

    Some of these ideas might seem a bit silly (and I think a few are ones I've mentioned vaguely before), but I just wanted to throw out everything that came to me in one place.

    Many of these decorations could also be added without an accompanying event (come w/a regular update).

    Back To School
    [related to: Kindergarten, School, University, Library]
    Possible Deco: Electronics Store/Computer Lab (building), Cafeteria (building), Large Pen/Pencil Statues, Stack of Books, Pile of Backpacks, etc.

    [related to: Fitness Center, Rock Climbing Wall, Stadium]
    Possible Deco: Repeat of Farm Relay Race Items, Statues of M/F Athletes (from sports other than soccer/football), Water/Lemonade Stand, Finish Line Ribbon, 1st/2nd/3rd Place Podium, Stack of Batons/Weights, Roman Amphitheatre (building), etc.

    International Film Festival
    [related to: Movie Theater, Drive-in, Motion Picture Studio]
    Possible Deco: Golden Award Statues, Animated Cinema Lights (you know those ones that criss-cross beams at movie premieres), Red Carpet Path, Popcorn/Soda Stand, Movie Billboard (with editable text?), Mic Stand, Film Cameras, Red & Gold Balloons (or just darker royal colors), etc.

    International Music Festival
    [related to: Music Store, Music Venue]
    Possible Deco: Instruments (and Instrument Stands) of all shapes and sizes, Topiaries and Bushes in the shape of instruments, Recording Studio (building), Formal Concert Hall (building), Editable Town Music (perhaps we could have a choice of background music in the Settings Tab), etc.

    International Fashion Week
    [related to: Fashion House, Hair Salon]
    Possible Deco: Makeup Booth/Stand, Topiaries and Bushes in the shape of famous hairstyles (the bob, etc.), Pile of Fabric, Mannequin Statues (maybe even like an upgrade-able decoration where you slowly add different styles to them), etc.

    Pride Week
    [related to: Wedding Hall]
    Possible Deco: Statues of M/M and F/F couples to accompany the Valentine's Couple Statue, Rainbow Items, etc.

    Car Racing/Monster Truck Competition
    [related to: Race Track]
    Possible Deco: Monster Truck Venue (building), Monster Truck Statues, Place-able Cars, 1st/2nd/3rd Place Podium, Stack of Car Parts, Pit Station, etc.

    Flu Season
    [related to: Hospital]
    Possible Deco: Doctor's Office/Dentist's Office, Blood Donor/Flu Shot Van, Place-able Ambulances, Stethoscope/Caduceus Statue, Large Red Cross Sign, etc.

    Superhero Surprise/Space Invasion
    [related to: Comic Book Store, Planetarium, Observatory]
    Possible Deco: M/F Superhero Statues, Stack of Comic Books, Tub of Neon Goo (maybe with an alien inside), Crashed Satellite or Spaceship, Zodiac Statues (this could be an upgrade-able decoration where you slowly collect all 12), etc.

    If you guys have any ideas that add to these or are completely new, I'd love to hear them! <3
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    I love your ideas. We'll thought out.

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    Apart from the Flu Season-idea, I agree: nice ideas
    (I'd prefer - esp. in this case - NOT to have it similar to real life.)

    From having read the interviews here, I think, though, that this is the part that the Devs enjoy themselves very much. They'd probably rather give the bug-fixing away. <g>

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    Hi Amoria, Very creative ideas and nice use of the existing buildings as inspiration / props. Thanks for sharing these, I hope some get implemented. I particularly like the Triathlon and the extra decorations they could bring as prizes.

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    Triathlon and fashion week idea seems amazing! Back to school is interesting too!
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    Thanks guys! <3

    Haha, I get you _DD_...flu season might just be a bit too realistic.
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    Yup (just that one)

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    Hi, I found that my thread was moved, sorry, I didn't know that this thread exists.....

    I want the decorations from the restaurant events.....
    Tho I don't want the events, I just want the decorations.....

    Please, I haven't got the pizza truck, the food bike and etc.

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    Amoria, seems we got the film and movie festivals!! Good job! Miss you and hope you are finding some much needed time for rest and relaxation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    Amoria, seems we got the film and movie festivals!! Good job! Miss you and hope you are finding some much needed time for rest and relaxation!
    We did, but now I really really want them cinema lights...

    I don’t do the statues really, so all I wanted from this season is the camera stand people, the fountain, and the alien film set, which I already got.
    There’s more in Amorias suggestion I would have got (personal preference, I know).

    I said somewhere before about the idea of “sale packs” to accompany each season, maybe in the first week (once we’ve seen the new yacht club decos and had a chance to figure which ones we want/how to fit them into our town). Basically, a TC sale (such as the CNY dog, that accompanies the current season. So, for this (film) season, they could do a sale with some TC and the animated lights, and a cheaper one with the mic stand/film cameras. Or just one big one with the lights, stand, cameras, red carpet. Or whatever.
    I’d buy the heck out of that.

    I really like all of these ideas (even the flu season one... I can see a “health area” with a big Red Cross, couple ambulances, the hospital, a blood donor van...).

    Now I’m trying to think of other ones that could be included...

    We have Wild West... what about Olde England? Goes with the timber frame houses, the commander statue, and perhaps the music shop (the new one with the man makin violins). Could include a little cobbler fixing shoes, a “town crier” (person with a handheld bell and scroll), a little group of Morris dancers, them little vintage cars (like the 24HP Sunbeam style) as a static, “parked” car (meaning, not a statue, just a non-animated car), a maypole (animated or not).
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