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Thread: partial filling of crates on trains and planes

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    partial filling of crates on trains and planes

    Does anyone else think we ought to be able to partially fill a crate on a plane or train and just keep topping it up till it's full? This all or nothing method really slows down the game and keeps the barn filled too long. Also, shouldn't islanders be requesting goods from us? Whoever heard of sending off a ship empty? Shipping companies would go broke! We should be able to ship items on the ships to the island and get back products in return.

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    Here is a list of things that Playrix says it will never do:

    One of those is partially filling crates.

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    The never do item is partially helping a friend. I would like to be able to partially fill my own rail wagons. My barn is nearly full. The train wants 30 wheat. I do not have 30 spaces in the barn so the train sits there, going nowhere. Why can't I add 10 wheat three times to fill up my own wagon? I am loosing interest in the game because of the constant battle with the barn.

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    Hi Cathy, managing barn space is the crux of the game. Try to ensure that you don't hoard, especially when you have a small barn. Sell excess tools & materials. If you are not planning on building a community building soon, you can sell most if not all materials, depending on how frequently your trains arrive.

    See these links for materials needed for buildings. Community Buildings & Wiki

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