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Thread: My Township won't load . . .

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    Well done Graylady. Extremely well done. Those of us in the "peanut gallery" had resulted to our second language (I think it is called profanity - LOL!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Hmmmmmmmmmm Can I admit that my patience was quite tested for the last 36 hours LOL
    For sure you can admit that. I would have gone bonkers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
    Graylady - you should get an award for all of the support you are giving players! It seems this is the worst time in Township history for so many server and technical problems. The company who runs the servers - they should send people to your garden to pull the weeds for a full spring, summer and fall!
    Hey Everyone...if you're friends with Graylady lets each send her gifts for the next few days. That way she'll at least have a small but fun reward for all her hard work. Graylady, I think you're a saint. Saint Graylady, Patron Saint of Flower Gardens. Has a nice ring to it!!

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    LOL Elaine

    Thanks for the nice words.... but you got me laughing out loud calling me Saint Graylady LOL...
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    I wasn't affected by the recent crisis, but I can imagine the absolute frustration felt by many.
    Beautifully done Graylady, a lesson to us all in patience and understanding. A gift to you from me every day for a week.

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