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Thread: Can't get back to my town - help please.......

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    Can't get back to my town - help please.......

    I can't get back into my game from the home screen - I hit the "Township cow" icon, I'm taken to the train loading screen, then..... back to my home screen again....

    Retried a number of times, doing various different steps, all to no avail ...

    And the only slightly different things I did before this ...... was visit the Forum a couple of times !

    (I had been playing OK earlier with no problems, incidentally .

    (P.S. Using a Fire 10.1 HD by the way... )
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    It just started happening to me too... restarted my Kindle, didn't help. Reinstalling the game worked though.
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    Same for me

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    Hope City
    Same for me!!!
    Played this morning, no problem. Now I just can't open the application, will it work again?

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    both me and my son can't get into the game. was working this morning, but not now

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    Hope City
    it seems to happen everywhere for everyone!

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    Hi guys,

    It seems to be a very recent issue. I have already informed the developers, and I will give you an update as soon as I hear back from them! For now could you, please, try to delete the game, restart the device and install the game again? Please, let me know if it helps. Your progress will not be affected by that!.

    I deeply apologize for the inconvenience!

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    Sorry, my english is not good!
    I love this play and I payed a lot of money.

    But now, i have the same problem. I will start the game and short before it will start, i come back to my homescreen.
    When i make a new installation, is all, what I did, away? Is this realy so?

    What can I do?
    Some hours before, it will worked normaly. But now???

    Nice reegards,

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    Can't start township just recently. Also am not receiving gifts from friends received notification and also no clovers for helping friends.

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    How long? Have over 1000 cash and am afraid to reinstall.

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