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  • Yes, the way it was.

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  • Yes, but with variations

    24 48.98%
  • No, i hate fishing.

    23 46.94%
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Thread: Do you want the fishing game to come back? Poll.

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    It definitely needs to have a fairer system, I had to bust a gut to keep up with the leader who was obviously spending a fortune and would jump 500+ points in 6 hrs, there's no point in a regular competition if this can't be stopped, I would have enjoyed it much more if this hadn't taken all the fun out of it, and the 9 days was way to long, if it came back I would only do to get rewards and then get the hell out

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    Fishing was good but greatly flawed in that it was not easily playable without huge disruption to the game or to real life.

    If it returns, it needs alterations. (I voted yes but with changes).

    Some suggestions:

    1. The bottle caps should not replace regular gifts (from friends balloons etc). Nine days without my gifts of cash or coins nearly broke my game.

    2. Bottle caps should be stored elsewhere or else be less available. Sold more bottle caps than I care to count, got more than I could use. The process was boring and off putting. Helicopter orders sometimes gave more items into the barn than they took. Again, my game slowed almost to a halt.

    3. A fourth type of lure available, black lure, need three bottle caps to make it, one of each colour. It takes no time to make (either instant or 5 minutes) but it cannot catch a coloured fish, all it can catch is a grey fish.

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    I wouldn't miss it if it never returned! I missed my daily gifts of coins and really didn't want the bottle caps plus you couldn't give them to anyone else who did want them. Was constantly getting rid of them from my barn as they were taking up valuable space. There is so much to do on this brilliant game and for me personally I don't need to go fishing as well😄

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    yes, option 2,

    proposed variations i would like to see:
    1. would like to be able to upgrade the lure factory just like any other factory.
    2. would like separate storage for bottle caps and lures, similar to ore and tools used in mining
    3. shorter competitions, soem competitors from your own co op or friends list
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    Why does the addition of fishing need to be a competition? Fishing could easily be another mini-game task like mining. I find the competition aspect off-putting.

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