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    Why does it seem the trains, the cargo plane, and the towns people all want the same products at the same time? Its a computer program so someone is programing to do that. Or why does the cargo plane want three cargo boxes of corn at 36 each, while the train wants four cars of cotton of 45 each and then you get a towns person who what's 34 hot peppers. Come on guys how is your barn let alone your fields suppose to handle all that? Let's be realistic here its not going to happen without us selling off a lot of building materials. Youve heard this time and time again I think its time to fix it. Please do something about this problm

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    I think you are missing the whole point of the game. Township is a time and space management game. It is purposely designed to create the exact conflict you describe. You don't have to fill every plane and heli order. Pick the ones that are advantageous to you and delete the rest. I can't begin to count how many I delete in a day. As far as the trains, yes you do have to fill the cars but there is no time frame to fill them. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to completely fill a train. Also remember you can ask for help...many players appreciate the chance to earn clovers.

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    Focus on your planes, they're on a timer & they earn you coins too, the trains can sit & wait.

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    How do you dump a train?

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    you can't.

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