Thank-you so much Playrix for the recent updates! Even though the United Federation has no current drama over the Task Dumping issue anymore, the new feature of seeing how many tasks someone dumped will help us to stop another one if not prevent one! Also seeing the new online/offline feature is definitely good for us because we dont have to ask "anyone on?" anymore. It is truly great to see something that we have actually wanted (not just us at the UF, but others as well) be put into effect! We really appreciate it! Also, the new profile pictures give us more of an option. Even though I havent been able to play much until recently, the new updates have added a whole new amount of interest in Township now. We at the United Federation want to thank Playrix and anyone involved in the new updates for them as they are more useful than anything else (except the product request and gift sending feature which are awesome and needed features as well!)
But thank-you Playrix for the new updates!
I hope I am putting this in the right section of the Forum, as I wasnt sure if it should go into the lounge or Discussions
Thank-you so much Playrix!!!
We have been wanting to post this in for awhile too!


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