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Thread: Race rewards

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    Race rewards

    It takes a lot of effort and sometimes a fair bit of town cash to get into the top 3 so I believe it is about time we got some decent top 3 rewards of town cash and coins. In my last race my magnificent coop finished third in golden league and for my efforts I got 3 bricks, 3 nails and 2 shovels. What a joke. I think the first 3 should all get town cash, coins and ingots.

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    We also agree that the rewards for 3rd place is a bit on the down side,we think some coins would be lovely.
    Sonskyn from Forbidden Forest

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    3rd place in the golden league this round got us lots of bricks and spades..
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    Rewards for 1st place are no better. After many weeks of trying our co-op finally finished 1st.
    Our rewards - 6 glass, 3 amethysts (to go with the 133 that I already have) and the useless torch light mine booster.

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