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Thread: 06.08 New Update (iOS, Google Play, Kindle)

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    Nana - I didn't get a free balloon this morning.

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    Huh hmmm. Found the small piece by my park behind the Manor. Can't find the other one at all. No biggie, I guess. ha ha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksenia Andreeva View Post
    Hey guys,

    We're thrilled to introduce an all-new Township update with a bevy of improvements!

    New features:
    * Roads and pavement now placed using your temporary storage—redesigning your town has never been so easy!
    * Introducing a new in-game character: Agnes, a young fairy!
    * Chest rewards found in the mine or in other players' towns are now even more valuable
    * One more statue added to the Walk of Fame collection at the store: The First Writer!
    * Three times as many flags now available under the Flag settings, so go find your country!
    * New decoration: Weeping Willow

    Other improvements:
    * Some in-game sounds improved
    * Many visual improvements as well as some minor issue fixes

    P.S. An update for Mac users will be out in 2 weeks from now.

    You know I have to say it...... but Im not alone in this..... we were told a few updates back we would get more land with every update.... Bitterly disappointed seeing as how weve nothing to do much till "Hail the conquering Zoo" arrives.......

    Awe Im sorry Im just very very deflated.... and to add insult to injury mine rewards are not more valuable as I have found to my cost this morning, they are just more expensive !!!!

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    Sandy... Of the 5 golden balloons, the first one you open used to be free...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    Chic... I just answered the same question for Nana...
    Sorry Ralph - I must have been typing at the same time you were posting - I will go on my iPad shortly and have a proper look.. thanks

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    Ralph - I didn't get a free balloon this morning. Maybe a glitch?

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    Nana... Go to my town... It is where my football stadium is now...

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    Sandy... Mthat is what we were trying to find out... Mi didn't pay much attention to them... Mif you didn't get a free one, then they changed the balloons and took the free one away...

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    Nana land 2.PNG Nana land 1.PNG

    Nana - here is where your new land is - in your town

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    Ralph - I'll check tomorrow for the free balloon - see what happens ;-)

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