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Thread: Collecting Treasure Chests By Level

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    Collecting Treasure Chests By Level

    We can collect chests by playing levels, but the higher levels are not so simple as they were at the beginning, so everyone who is at the low levels, can complete far more levels then someone who plays the higher levels because that takes far more time to complete. And i know i cannot complete 10 levels to win the highest chest, i might be lucky to complete three and even that is very hard when you play over level 200.

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    That was my thought exactly! I find it to be very unfair. I can be stuck on a level for days! I think tthey should switch back to making up 10 new levels that everyone can enjoy.

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    Sorry, but not everyone enjoy the 10 special levels. I hate them. Never pass level 5 on them.

    With the new way I always win at least the first 2 hours free time. Twice I won everything. I must admit that playing the same level for 2 hours in a row is kind of boring though.

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