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Thread: Common Issue: Game Won't Connect To Facebook

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    Facebook connect issues

    I cannot connect my Facebook to my game. Its been doing that for a few days now. I don't know why it keeps disconnecting from the game. I have the latest game and Android update

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    I'm having same issue can't connect to Facebook

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    Hi! I can't to connect to the FB. I tried everything. Start the game from the FB and I can't connecting 🤔What I do now? Thanks

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    Problems connecting to Facebook

    Anyone have issues connecting to FB? I have tried every suggestion under the apps Help section and nothing works

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    I tried every ways but still cannot connect to FB....amazingly my Gardenscapes is able to connect.....

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    I did that but then I still get the bubble saying I'm not on there!

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    I have tried everything in this forms to connect to Facebook and the game still won't connect.

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    Facebook Connectivity Fails

    I have literally tried everything to connect to Facebook. I've uninstalled Facebook, validated my Facebook settings (game is not listed anywhere), uninstalled and reinstalled Township and no such luck. Anything else I can do?

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    Never mind. I actually figured it out. I am on iOS. Had to log out of Facebook under iOS settings, uninstall Facebook from my phone and then on a whim tried to connect my account again through the Township game.

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    Hola ingrese al foro porque tengo problemas con township. Juego en PC por Facebook estoy en nivel 93. tengo dos problemas 1) hace dos días que no puedo ingresar a jugar. me sale una ventana "vaya, se ha producido un error, vuelve a actualizar la página para seguir jugando" y cada vez que cargó la página vuelve a salirme el mismo mensaje. He borrado mi historial, como datos de navegación y el almacenamiento de adobe. aun sigue el problema. 2) no me deja agregar nuevos vecinos... Sabes de alguna solucion o algun contacto???

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