I've been playing for a while. I've always had my game connected to FB so it can back up in case something happens.

A few times the game randomly disconnects, I sign back in with no issue, and continue on my merry way.

Today, unfortunately, I'm unable to connect the game to FB after being disconnected.

I can tap the big red "DISCONNECTED" button, it pops up the sign-in screen, I enter my details, and in the background, I can see it says, "Continue as ME," but in the foreground, I get a spinning circle that says, "Loading."

I left it sit for about three minutes thinking things may just be pokey, but it never finished the load.

I'm playing on my Kindle. I did a cold boot, but alas, it does not connect me and I still have the glaringly red "DISCONNECTED" button taunting me.

With my luck, this will be when my Kindle crashes and won't be able to restore my game, leaving me crying in my Cheerios.

Just me, or is there something new lurking?