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Thread: Common Issue: Game Won't Connect To Facebook

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    Connecting to FB

    I've been playing for a while. I've always had my game connected to FB so it can back up in case something happens.

    A few times the game randomly disconnects, I sign back in with no issue, and continue on my merry way.

    Today, unfortunately, I'm unable to connect the game to FB after being disconnected.

    I can tap the big red "DISCONNECTED" button, it pops up the sign-in screen, I enter my details, and in the background, I can see it says, "Continue as ME," but in the foreground, I get a spinning circle that says, "Loading."

    I left it sit for about three minutes thinking things may just be pokey, but it never finished the load.

    I'm playing on my Kindle. I did a cold boot, but alas, it does not connect me and I still have the glaringly red "DISCONNECTED" button taunting me.

    With my luck, this will be when my Kindle crashes and won't be able to restore my game, leaving me crying in my Cheerios.

    Just me, or is there something new lurking?

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    Try again and again, maybe the servers were not available for a while.

    If the connection doesn't come back, please make a support request in game. (See my signature)


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    I'm having the same issue. Was previously connected but got bored & deleted the game. Decided to start playing again, so I reinstalled the app but now can't connect to Facebook. I've tried deleting & reinstalling Facebook but that didn't work either. I've sent a message to Playrix but haven't heard anything. Have any of you had any luck since you posted to the forum?
    I use an iPhone

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    I was having the same issue and finally got it to work by logging out (deleting account) of Facebook in my settings (iOS) then returning to the game before logging back in. Once I clicked on the log in with Facebook link it opened a page in my browser asking to give permission and finally connected my account. I struggled with this for about a week before I was able to figure it out. Hope this helps!

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    Common Issue: Game Won't Connect to Facebook

    I cannot connect to Facebook in game. I know how to do it through settings and up until today was connected. I have logged off and logged back in, nothing works. The 'connect to facebook' button just stays red. Help!

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    Same here! I cannot connect and just started playing today!

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    Same thing is happening to me too, so frustrating

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    I've never been able to connect to Facebook ~ using an iPad iOS 10. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I hear your frustration. Have any of you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game? Sometimes a bug gets worked out by reinstalling the game. Hope this helps. Next step: send support message in-game.

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    Can't Connect To Facebook

    Hi. I'm the new player of Township. Today I try to connect Facebook. But can't. And my phone system setting all ok.

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