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Thread: August (mini) Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Hi Nana,

    You know, when this whole price increase situation occurred Ksenia literally stood up for your rights (let's give her a hug for that!). And who knows, maybe together we can make a change No promises, though.
    Our protest and your advocacy seem to have made some difference in the outrageous plane orders, so there's hope.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    As for the server issues, it seems that there's finally light at the end of the tunnel. The developers will release a small fixing update really soon. Stay tuned for more info on that!
    Liza, I see that "small problem/fix" is the phrase being used, and I just want to have a clear understanding that we're talking about the players who are invisible to receive help or gifts, are shown unusually few friends who need help, and our help is anonymous (no avatar, and often no clover)?

    I'm not asking this to make waves or get into the semantics (or maybe the patch itself is literally small in size), I just want to be sure we're talking about the same issue, and not some other problem that's being fixed now, and the invisibility not until later.

    Thanks to everyone, you and the other admins for taking a stand on our behalf, and the devs for digging into the code, and (I hope, I hope) rooting out the mean little bug and eliminating it.
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    Hi Suzy,

    The developers will release a small update for Android and Kindle which is meant to fix:

    - Difficulties accessing your friends' towns.
    - Inability to help your friends or receive their help.
    - Problems with adding new friends or deleting the existing ones.
    - Friends missing from your friend lists.
    - Problems with receiving or sending clovers/gifts to your friends.
    - Find Friends tab not refreshing.
    - Problems with syncing your devices.

    As far as they say our iOS players no longer experience any server issues (some of your friends, clovers, etc. may still be missing because of the ongoing Android/Kindle server problems). That's why we're planning to release the fixing update for all Android/Kindle players in a day or two.

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    Liza: This is really good news as it will allow all platforms to move forward with the upcoming Zoo. And, hopefully alleviate the email mountain range in the tech office!
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    Hi Liza

    Thanks a lot for the detail info. Glad to see that it will cover most of the problems we see on the forums.

    Very happy that I will get back into the game too LOL
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    Thanks so much for the list of fixes, Liza. It sounds wonderful and addresses pretty much everything people have been reporting this month, so no unwarranted/unrealistic expectations on my part -- can't wait to get my hands on the patch!

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    Thanks Liza! Yahoo Android Kindle friends - will be nice to have you back. You've been missed!

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