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Thread: Rewards for Top 3 Co-Op Members

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    Rewards for Top 3 Co-Op Members

    Everyweek, the clock gets reset. Giving team mates a new chance to make it to the top. The team mates who get the most task points in regatta for the team. An the teamates who donate the most should have an additional reward. Township cash ect. The entire team wins prizes when you win first place in gold league. But some of those team mates work extra hard for the rest of the team. An they should have competetions with-in the co-op it self . It will give the other teamates more motivation, as well as keep the hard working players active an rewarded

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    I agree. Somehow the person with the most points should get some sort of extra prize.

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    I find in my co-op that the top 3 tend to be the same people every week.

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    Great suggestion!! I am all for if, way to go 🚂🚂

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