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Thread: What if I was not in a co-op?

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    What if I was not in a co-op?

    Up until now I have always been in a co-op either solo or with a team. I am getting a bit tired of the constant need to do the same tasks over and over again, week after week. The rewards for all this work are not that great either. What if I wasn't in a co-op? Are there many Township players that haven't joined a co-op or have opted out? Would I miss too much? The stress would be gone. No more watching the taskboard as it ticks down to revealing the next (low point) task. I would concentrate on sending my planes, trains and ships and upgrading the zoo. What do you think?

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    Seriousely i think is the regatta that makes this game interesting:-) otherwise it would be like any other farming games.

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    I have decided a week ago not to race anymore for a while. What a relief! My zoo grows, my planes and trains get sent off rapidly and I don't spend cash Although I still have my coop, I let it drop in the leagues. Perhaps when I'll be back in wood, I'll give racing another try, but for now I enjoy having time for real life and still progressing in the game.

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    The Lounge board has a similar post. I'd miss socializing with my team, though. We communicate a lot so we can play smarter, not harder. And I'd miss being able to request products.

    There's also the option of finding a coop of people who feel the same way you do. There's no rule that says you have to stress out about completing tasks, or be psycho competitive. There's no penalty for finishing in the bottom of the race.

    In my first coop, nobody really focused on tasks and just did what they felt like doing. If you don't really care about regattas, but want the ability to trade with a team, those coops are out there.

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