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Thread: Best way to provide co-op help and product requests

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    Best way to provide co-op help and product requests

    If someone from my co-op has both a product request and a "My Town Needs Help" for the same product in a train car and I can provide it, does it matter which option I choose to gift them that product or will one method be more beneficial to me than another?
    Example - A co-op member has both a "My Town Needs Help" to fill a train car with tomatoes and a product request also for tomatoes. I can fill one of them. Which would it be better to take? (I ended up filling the train car but their product request remained. Not sure I made the right choice.)

    Also, is there a way to cancel product requests if I have one myself then manage to fill it on my own before anyone helps me?

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    Product requests have a limit in the amount you can give and you may not be able to give enough product to completely fill the train car or plane crate. Using My Town Needs Help requests will allow you to give enough to completely fill the crate or car. Conversely, by using a coop help request, you may end up sending more than the person actually needs.
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    But will one way benefit me more than the other for the same amount of product? I don't like to sound greedy but ...

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    Filling the train car will get you a clover. For the Coop request, clovers are random.
    Otherwise, no difference for the giver.

    Another example than yours: You can agree in Chat, though, to use the Coop request for getting an achievement. Forgot its name. Advantage of the Coop is that you can talk there. ☺

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