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Thread: Unlimited lives rewards

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    Agree with the above. Usually I don't spin the wheel or open the last prize in the hopes that I may win the unlimited lives, but last night I won 1 hour through the Easter update unexpectedly so had to stay up late to utilise as much of it as possible...only to win another 2 more hours! Fought against sleep as best I could but still wasted 1 hour Would really be nice if it could work like the extra life awarded in an envelope so you could decide when to use it.
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    So, what's the trick for landing on jackpot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenpnc View Post
    I agree. In fact, it's what drove me to post here. Unless we are all living completely eventless lives, it's very hard (impossible) to find blocks of hours where all we do is play Gardenscapes in order to take advantage of a truly fun, rare, and exciting prize. When I won 2 hours of unlimited play from a gift I opened, I couldn't play right then. I thought that if I logged out, the timer would stop and I could pick that time up later. It was so discouraging to lose what I'd worked so hard for.
    The same thing happened to me. I thought if I logged out, I would keep my lives. I was really looking forward to using them tonight, as I was too busy with work the past few days to play. When I opened the game today, they were gone.
    I joined the forum only because I was so disappointed about missing my lives, and wanted to make this same suggestion.

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    There isn't a trick that I know of

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