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Thread: Spring story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gina Phillips View Post
    I'm also level 7 of finding tools. I'm about to just give up. No way I'm spending another week on this page to one level that doesn't even advance my garden!
    Me too. I'm sure it's there to make you buy power ups just to try and get through it.

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    Hello, I'm stuck since several days at level 10 from the Romantic date. Anyone can help, please ? Thanks !

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    I've been stuck on getting the fifth fragment of the photo for waaay too long, days. I'm getting really frustrated, especially since I have three more chapters to go and only a few days left. I'm really disappointed. The stupid honey is ruining my life! Am I the only one who has wasted days on this level, am I defective, any tips on how not to lose my mind when I lose the level again? Can someone just beat it for me?

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    Je suis comme toi ce miel est impossible !

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    Honey takes some getting used to. My general rule of thumb is to ignore everything else and focus on removing honey first. I generally try and remove honey from the top down whenever possible. The trickiest part of the fifth level is not letting the honey on one side overwhelm you while you focus on the other side. As honey makes it's way to the top, it make it harder and harder to do anything, so as you work your way down one side, be sure to the keep the other side in check. Don't worry so much about making flowers, obviously you will need to make a lot of them, but you need to clear right to the bottom on both sides to free the gnomes any way so you'll most likely make a number of inadvertent matches in process of removing honey and freeing the large gnomes. As a side note, the gnomes at the bottom are the main reasons to remove the honey, when you manage to free the gnomes below you can ignore any honey you haven't removed on one side or the other and just focus on generating flowers from one side only after that. Good luck.

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    Me ajudem não consigo passar dá fase 10 eu acho que é do nível 3 já coloquei o vaso em cima dá mesa e desse daí por favor o que faço

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    Olá, estou preso desde vários dias no nível 10 da data romântica. Alguém pode ajudar, por favor? Obrigado !

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    Eu também estou presa tô na caixa de ferramentas ainda só passei 2

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    ??? You've got 7 levels in the spring story??? I see only 5 levels. I think 5 levels are enough

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    There are 7 parts to finding the tools in spring story. I have been stuck on level 7 (the last tool) for over a week. It's so frustrating.

    They should add extra moves every time you fail 1-5x. That way even after a week of failing, you will finally have enough moves to actually succeed.

    If it reminds this difficult, boardering on impossible, a lot of players will give up.

    I'm almost there.

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