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Thread: Spring story.

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    Spring story.

    I'm stuck on the Spring story "find the remaining photo fragments". I'm on level 56. Any tips, to beat this episode without paying for those expensive boosts and the lack of money you receive at the end of a level?

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    Which level? There are 5 levels in photo story

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    Spring story

    I'm on Level 2

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    I'm currently stuck on the fifth level. Part of the problem is the way that it's set up - honey takes up 75% of the board. So using blasters doesn't help much because they are up on top (honestly, at first I'm able to make enough matches, clearing about half of it, it's getting towards the bottom that's an issue...)
    On top of it, the board is divided by flower blocks (the squares that generate flowers). Even though you're supposed to make and collect flowers, they do nothing but cause problems because they add even more variety, making a match becomes impossible.
    Have either of you reached/ completed it yet?

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    Like most honey levels, removing the honey should be your primary concern, even though it's not a level goal, you'll need to get to the bottom to uncover the two big gnomes on either side any way. There are enough flower boxes that you should generate a lot of the flowers you need as you focus on removing honey and uncovering the two gnomes at the bottom. Automatches will be your friend as always. Once you get down to the bottom, focus on making your matches next to flower plots and pay attention for opportunities to uncover any remaining gnomes off the the left and right sides that haven't been uncovered via those automatches. Save a rainbow blast for the end to collect the remaining flowers you need to complete your goal. This level is indeed doable without boosters or extra moves. Just make sure you spend the time to ensure that each move you make is the optimal move available. Your first bunch of moves should always be removing honey unless you have the chance to generate a large power-up (bomb or higher). Good luck!

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    Level 2, board 7 is ridiculous. The best you can hope for is side-by-side rainbow blasts with about 20 more moves to go. I was enjoying the spring story until now ;(

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    I'm now stuck on level 4. Near enough you're waisting your lives because you're trying to get to the honey.

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    I have been stuck for 2 days now finding tools level 7 any hints ?. Can get apples but the maximum elves I've got is 11 of 14

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    I've found that sometimes honey will "unstick" and reveal a tile that used to be covered. I don't know how; but I could use a rainbow power-up to help clear the honey by hitting that type of piece.

    My problem is I can't find any information on what thaws the ice-bottomed tiles (or, ice-bottomed, ice-topped columns) in the tools collection (level 2 in the event, I guess) stage 5, to allow lemonades to drop out. My lemonade drops have been accidental. I'd like to be able to strategize but need a little help understanding how these work. Do I have to make matches at the top to get the bottom tile thawed? If so...jeez.

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    I'm also level 7 of finding tools. I'm about to just give up. No way I'm spending another week on this page to one level that doesn't even advance my garden!

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