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Thread: How Many Fields?

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    Thank you Sandy. CharlieSyd, sorry if I offended you. But, you really ROCK! I'm glad to have you in my friends list.
    Hello Palee

    Just wanted to say Hi and say if you've room we could be neighbours also..... I've just recently befriended CharlieSyd too. We can do it with our codes or Game Center way whichever you want....

    Happy Towning :-)

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    Well, this place seems appropriate to ask my question. I've been noticing I'm getting two plot fields when building one building. Is this a fluke? Or after you reach level 60 and community buildings come every two levels, you get two?

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    I'm pretty sure the fields are tied to added population, not number of buildings. I don't know what the break points are, but if (say) you get a new field with every 50 additional population, and your last house brought you to population 895, then a 60-person building would bring you past the 500 and 550 break points and you'd get 2 fields for 1 building. Plus, I'm at the point that I can build a 110-person apartment building, so that may add more than one field.

    I just went to my Farming/Field section and it says right there "population 3090 required"

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    I've always built a community building, then a house and then got one plot. Now I received two. If it was tied to population, I'd have gotten two other times as well since I've built buildings that increased population by over 100 so that can't be it.

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    As far as I can recall (memory may be bad, but Ralph or Graylady will clear that up in no time - ha) I only got a new field when I built a house, regardless of the population the house brought me. For me, 1 house = 1 new field. I have gotten 2 fields at once, but I built 2 houses at once.

    Correction: I opened my game on my iPad and it does appear that fields do require a population criteria to be met. Obviously, population is tied to our completed housing. After playing for so long, I take things for granted and forget the details. LOL
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    I just gained two new fields but don't know where to put them yet, so they are staying put for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itswtvr View Post
    I've always built a community building, then a house and then got one plot. Now I received two. If it was tied to population, I'd have gotten two other times as well since I've built buildings that increased population by over 100 so that can't be it.
    It's definitely population based, as someone above posted, when you look at the field in the store, it tells you what the next population requirement is for the next field. The thing is, it's not every 50, or every 100, but the number increases as you attain higher levels. I was keeping track for a while, but then got two fields with just one building, which took a bit of accuracy out of my calculations.

    I'll check my previous screencaps, and get back to you on the actual numbers.

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    I never noticed that. I guess it just followed a rhythm until now, like nana said- CB-> house-> field that I automatically associated it with that. Only built 1 house and got two so in a sense, when you reach higher levels, houses provide larger population amount and results in two fields? Idk, but certainly happy to receive them.

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    Hi Its

    I never received 2 fields just by building 1 house. They may have change that along the way but it could be you had a field already waiting to be put on the board and earn another one.

    SuzyD is right : the more you progress the longer it takes to get another field. Starshine is right too : you can always check what level of population you have to reach to get another field by going to the construction store, farm section.
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    Ok, so I went back a few population increases, the increments aren't quite linear, so it's not an exact extrapolation, but here's what I have.

    Population Increase Total
    8885 285 9170
    9170 290 9460
    9460 295 9755
    9755 300 10055
    10055 325 10380
    10380 335 10715
    10715 690 11405

    As you can see, there's a bit of a change later on, when it jumped from a predictable +5/field to increase by 25 (I believe reaching 10000 population was the trigger), and then change to +10, though not consistently. I wish I hadn't gotten the two fields at the same time, so I'd know exactly, but either the 335 or the 345 must have repeated (or gone 340+350) to get to 690, as the predictable +10 would have resulted in 700.

    Yeah, I know, I'm a geek.
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