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Thread: 16.07. Spot The Differences

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    Lucy Senior
    1) Palm tree on left is missing a frond.
    2) Yellow sailboat on top left is missing.
    3) Beach ball on lower left has purple section instead of yellow.
    4) Boy is placing a flag in a different direction on sand castle.
    5) There's a missing white shell between beach ball and crab.
    6) One of the small spires is missing on the sandcastle (between crab and boy).
    7) Missing pebble between crab and girl on bottom part of sandcastle.
    8) Sunglasses have changed
    shape (bottom right of picture).
    9) Seagull is holding a starfish in it's mouth instead of a fish.
    10) Girl's hair accessory is changed shape.
    11) There's now a red sand rake / fork instead of a spade (right side of picture).

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    1. One torrent is missing from castle on the left in top picture
    2. girls red bow is different
    3. sailboat with yellow sail missing
    4. sea shell missing on left bottom by boy's knee
    5. glasses are round
    6. beach ball is purple not yellow
    7. Girl has no watch or bracelet on
    8. blue flag in boy's hand is pointing opposite direction
    9. palm tree branch is missing
    10. Star fish in birds mouth.

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    Kyu Lau
    1-yellow sail
    2-yellow on ball is purple
    3-flag in hand is other way
    4-only 2 turrets not 3
    5-bit of hair bow missing
    6-seagulls fish
    7-spade is a fork
    8-glasses different shape
    9-shell missing
    10-pebble is missing on sand castle
    11-palm tree has extra leaf
    12-girls bracelet missing

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    Hey guys,

    First of all, thank you all for participating in our contest, we hope you liked it. Our winner this time is... Pink!

    Pink, our congratulations! You will receive a message from me on how to get your prize in a moment.

    And here are the differences:

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