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Thread: 16.07. Spot The Differences

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    Lisa Salzano
    1. Leaf missing on Palm tree.
    2. Yellow sail boat missing.
    3. Yellow panel on beach ball changed to purple.
    4. Blue flag turned in opposite position.
    5. Sand tower added.
    6. Pebble removed on castle next to crab.
    7. Red hair bow is different.
    8. Watch added on girls wrist.
    9. Food in birds mouth different.
    10. Sun glasses are different.
    11. Red shovel changed to fork.

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    Here is what i found:
    1(Palm tree has one extra leaf, in between the 2 large leaves)
    2(One of the shell is missing beneath the star fish on the castle)
    3(Flag is backwards on the boy's hand, top of the sand castle)
    4(The red bow on the girl is different, 1 added material)
    5(Ball colors are different, Yellow is now purple)
    6(2 towers on one and 3 on the other picture, added 1 tower on bottom picture)
    7(The glasses on the sand are different on both picture, they look more rounded)
    8(Pebble missing on the castle, neear the crab)
    9(Seagull now has a starfish rather than a fish on its mouth)
    10(Spade now changed to a fork, now has 3 oval'ish cirles)
    11(Girl's braclet, left arm, she now has a bracelet)
    12(missing yellow sail boat, top left near palm tree)

    Thank you!

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    1. Missing one of a sailing boat
    2. Palm tree has extra leaf
    3. Sunglasses are of a different shapes
    4. One of the color strip on the ball is different
    5. Red spade is of different style
    6. Blue flag is in different positions
    7. Red bow is different 8. Shell missing at the bottom of the castle
    9. Bracelet missing from girls hand
    10. Bird has different things in mouth
    11. Numbers of small towers i.e, 2 towers in first image whereas three in other image
    12. Pebble missing on the right side of the castle, between crab and the starfish

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    1- Palm tree with xtra leaf
    2- red bow in girl hair
    3- missing pebble bottom of castle
    4- missing sail boat
    5- flag in boys hand is in a different direction
    6- xtra tower on castle
    7- sunglasses are different
    8- seashell missing on sand
    9- fish in seagulls mouth
    10- beach ball colour is different
    11- red shovel is different
    12- missing bracelet on girls arm

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    1-girls bracelet missing
    2-shell missing
    3-flag in hand is other way
    4-bit of hair bow missing
    5-only 2 turrets not 3
    6-spade is a fork
    7-seagulls fish
    8-glasses different shape
    9-pebble is missing on sand castle
    10-palm tree has extra leaf
    11-yellow sail
    12-yellow on ball is purple

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    1 - Flag the boy is placing on sandcastle is turned in opposite directions.
    2 - Beach ball stripe changed from yellow to purple.
    3 - Missing yellow sail boat to the left of boy's shoulder.
    4 - Missing leaf on the palm tree at the top left corner.
    5 - The bow in the girls hair changed to a flower.
    6 - The green sunglasses on the sand changed shape.
    7 - Missing seashell to the bottom right of the green sand rake by the boy's leg.
    8 - Girl has a bracelet on her arm in one and not the other.
    9 - Bird has starfish in mouth instead of fish.
    10 - Orange shovel in the sand becomes an orange rake.
    11 - Missing rock to the right of the crab's eye.
    12 - Missing tower on the sandcastle close to the tower the boy is placing the blue flag on.

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    Tais Andrade
    The starfish in bird's mouth, The red bow is different, The red shovel is different, The glasses are different, The rock near the crab, The shell near the star, The color of the ball, Yellow boat, The blue flag, The tower is missing.

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    Differences in Pictures

    The Differences are:

    missing sailboat
    beach ball is different color
    missing shell
    sunglasses are different
    flower bow is different in the girls hair
    object in birds mouth is different
    missing one of the "tents" on the sand castle (2nd level)
    red shovel is different
    tree is missing a leaf
    shell missing by pink star

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    Kristina 3107
    1) In the first picture, the girl bow, and in the second flower.
    2) in the first picture of the girl on the hand is not the bracelet, and BTAP there.
    3) in the first picture from the fish in its beak gulls, and the second star.
    4) in the first picture red savok and the second red rake.
    5) form of green points is different.
    6) at the beginning of the lock on the first picture has a pebble, and the second is not.
    7) of the tower, the first picture of 3 and 4 for the second.
    8) a blue box, the first picture it is turned to the right and to the left of the second.
    9) sailboats, the first picture of 3, and the second two.
    10) different color in one compartment of the ball, in the first picture it is yellow, and the second purple.
    11) shells, the first picture of a boy about 5, and the second four.
    12) Palma, on the first picture in the palm of 5 sheets, and 4 in the second.

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    1 Blue flag in boy's hand on different directions

    2 Bow on girl's head is different knot

    3 Seagull eating different things

    4 Number of sailboats in background

    5 yellow and purple color on beach ball

    6 style of green sunglasses

    7 style of red shovel

    8 leaves on palm tree

    9 stone on the bottom of the castle

    10 missing bracelet on girl's arm

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