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Thread: 16.07. Spot The Differences

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    Differences in top picture:

    1. Fish in bird's mouth
    2. Bow in girl's hair
    3. Red spade
    4. Green sunglasses different shape
    5. Pebble near crab
    6. Bracelet on girl's wrist
    7. Turret missing
    8. Extra shell under starfish
    9. Blue flag back-to-front
    10. Yellow strip on beach ball
    11. Yellow yacht
    12 Extra leaf on palm tree

    Thanks Kuen for letting us enter competitions here on the forum. It's very much appreciated!

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    1.Fish in seagulls mouth spade red fork, 3.bracelet on girls wrist sunshades 5. Red bow in girls hair 6. Seashell near green rake. 7. Yellow sail boat missing 8. Colour on beach ball different 9. Palm tree has an extra leaf 10. One tower missing.

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    Palm tree has extra leaf
    Yellow sailing boat missing
    Red bow/flower in hair
    Ball colours are different
    Missing stone on sandcastle base
    Tower missing from sandcastle
    Shell missing on beach
    Red shovel/fork on beach
    Glasses different shape
    Flag in boys hand changes direction

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    1. Missing sailboat
    2. Blue flag facing opposite directions
    3. Girl has different hair bows
    4. Different shaped glasses
    5. Seagull has fish in top pic & starfish in bottom pic
    6. Stripe in beach ball is yellow in top pic & purple in bottom
    7. Extra tower in bottom pic
    8. Red shovel top pic, red fork bottom
    9. Missing stone on castle in bottom pic
    10. Extra seashell top pic
    11. Extra leaf on palm tree top pic
    12. Bracelet on girl bottom pic

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    1 number of sail boats
    2 ball colors
    3 sea shells at bottom left
    4 sun glasses
    5 shovel on right different
    6 blue flag turned
    7 her hair ribbon
    8 fish in birds mouth
    9 palm tree branches
    10 three small turrets to 2

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    1.Blue flag in boy's hand facing different directions
    2.Bow on girl's head is different
    3.Seagull has different things in it's mouth
    4.Number of sailboats in background is different
    5.different color on beach ball
    6.different style of green sunglasses
    7.different style of red shovel
    8.leaves on palm tree
    9.stone on the bottom of the castle missing at bottom of picture

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    Lindsay Thanscheidt
    1)Girl's bow, 2)sunglasses, 3)shovel/rake stuck in sand, 4)palm tree leaves, 5)girl's bracelet, 6)bird's food-fish/leaves, 7)2 or 3 small round castle towers, 8)seashell on ground, 9)2 or 3 sailboats, 10)beach ball colors, 11)direction of blue flag, 12)rock to right of crab

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    Preeti Gupta
    Guest here

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    Melissa Impecoven
    I hope I am posting where I should be, I have never posted in a thing like this. Still learning how to navigate this forum. Please see my answers below. Thank you, love the game better than HayDay.
    10. Sunglasses
    9. Red San shovel
    8. Missing sail boat
    7. Beach ball color
    6. Girls watch
    5. The pebble in the San on the side of castle.
    4. Fish in the mouth
    3. 3rd point on the castle
    2. Red flower in girls hair
    1. Blue flag.

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    1. Missing yellow sailboat (top left)
    2. Blue flag (hold by boy)
    3. Different hair bow (green swimsuit girl)
    4. Green glasses different shape (bottom right)
    5. Seagull biting different item (middle right)
    6. Ball stripes different (bottom left)
    7. Sand castle has an extra small tower
    8. Red shovel different (near seagull)
    9. Small stone on sand castle entrance (near red crab)
    10. Seashell (near green fork next to boy)

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