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Thread: 13.07 New Update (iOS, Google Play, Kindle)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    Ksenia... Is the event getting close???
    Sometimes the silence from the admins is deafening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineD1717 View Post
    Sometimes the silence from the admins is deafening!
    Ha Elaine......

    I like that one lol....."

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    Hello, I am fairly new to Township and I would like to thank Playrix for bringing this game to market. What challenges me in this game is to bring all the products to the customers and at the same time use products for other products and exchanging products for building materials. It is a challenge to balance all that.

    Thank you for all that!

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    Hello Mickel

    Welcome to the forum.... Glad to hear you are enjoying this game....

    You will pick up loads of good info in here...... Happy Towning !! :-)

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    Hi this update for Mac users was due out earlier this week, any news on when this will be happening? Thanks

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