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Thread: 13.07 New Update (iOS, Google Play, Kindle)

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    13.07 New Update (iOS, Google Play, Kindle)

    Hey guys,

    We're happy to introduce an all-new Township update with quite a few improvements!

    Upcoming event:
    * This summer will feature an exciting new event called "Animal Planet." Help the city get ready for the zoo opening and receive valuable prizes in return!

    New features:
    * New tab called Recent Helpers added to the Friends window, displaying players who have recently helped you
    * 10 new expansions added
    * 3 new recipes: Iced Tea, Jasmine Oil, and Air Freshener
    * New plant: Jasmine
    * New fence type: Hedge
    * 3 parks roamed by wild animals added to Decorations!
    * You can now place roads and pavement on water!

    Other improvements:
    * New in-game characters: Becky the helicopter pilot as well as Sarah the zoo keeper with her lovely pet Riko, a lemur!
    * Editing your town made easier: similar objects now grouped in temporary storage
    * Many visual improvements as well as some minor issue fixes

    P.S. An update for Mac users will be out in 2 weeks from now.
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    I love the idea of the zoo, but upset by the changes to the 'grass' (I've removed it all) and my baby piggies. I loved their adorable faces, but now they're gone. So sad. You guys do incredible work and I really enjoy the game.

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    New feature:
    * Ernie marks the innocent players as cheaters.

    I sent the help request (423312) yesterday, Dmitry communicated with me. I have to wait now. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting, but I still see stupid Ernie with his stupid cloud. I'm still a cheater and my sister too.

    Everything else is awesome, many thanks for this update!
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    Daniel Blake
    And just like the June update, Mac players have to wait 2 weeks...again!
    Playrix, i like Township but you're breaking my heart.

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    Luma-luzia Marina
    Where i can make the upload then??? It says i need upload the township but it takes me at amazon site and nothing happen even the game opens...where is it?

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    Cannot find my previous post. Just a question where have the brown boards for putting on water gone? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1triciab View Post
    Cannot find my previous post. Just a question where have the brown boards for putting on water gone? Thanks
    Hi Tricia

    It is with the pavements.
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    Hi Tricia, you can use the normal wooden pavement now. It works the same way as the roads do, so that you can place them over water.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Thanks Pink

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    We've got some good news for Kindle players! A new update is now available for you guys!

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