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Thread: Airplane shenanigans

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    CharlieSyd: Actually, it gets worse. Came across a plane this morning wanting 3x21 milks.

    I am glad you brought this up, because I feel like the developers are really starting to play hard ball. You know Graylady's famous mantra about helicopter orders? DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! Well, for several days now the first deleted order to plop itself down wants crops - all the crops of a particular 2 types in my barn. This is not just random coincidence, it is happening every single time, for days. Of course, I delete it and back comes another one, different crops.
    Interesting you were complaining about planes in 2015 and excessive requests still going on in 2019. I got a request for 3 x 7 syrup today. It would take 7 hours of just making syrup to fill this request and I would NEVER ask friends for 7 syrup as I would not give 7 syrup.

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    Not only are the planes demanding more of each cargo item to fill each crate, but my last 10 fully filled planes have only netted yellow gems. The gem should equal the demand or at least be equally portioned out. It's becoming all about the money. I want a challenging game, but a fair one too!

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    I had plane cargo 3x 78 corn!!!!
    Got that done my next plane was
    3x 58 corn! OMFG for real!
    And yeah the rewards have blown also

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