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Thread: View All Friends' Tanks

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    View All Friends' Tanks

    Ability to visit each tank of friends. I would love for my friends to see the decorations in all my tanks.

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    Hi Annie! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us We're currently working on the feature you mentioned, so one of the upcoming updates may bring it to us!

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    Visiting Friends' Fish Tanks

    I would love to be able to see the names of their fish !! And see all their tanks. Is that possible

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    Visit All Tanks

    I would like to be able to visit all of the tanks my friends have, and I would le them to be able to visit mine too. We put a lot of time into the tanks and just as you are putting on the finishing touches you get a new tank and no one can see your beautifully finished tank.

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    Hi Kristin! It would be really awesome to see all of our friends' beautiful aquariums! Our devs are already working on it, and I hope we'll get this feature in one of our upcoming updates

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    That would be great to be able to visit all the different tanks of your friend.

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    I very rarely go back to a tank if already collected the three stars..Why not have competitions to encourage us to visit these tanks.
    Competition such as hidden gems or coins in a tanks adornments or fish. By pressing on a fish for example to see if a hidden coin.

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    I would like love for my friends to see my completed tanks.

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