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Thread: the new update - july

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cazzie View Post
    I have hardly ever participated in the 2 x coins event, firstly because it's in the corner and to be honest I forget its there but even then I don't seem to have the spare goods to sell as they are always needed for the planes, trains and helicopters and if not then I am needing the factories to make other stuff.

    I've often wondered if players actually sell there goods on these stands as you would have to make and sell and awful lot to make any real money from them.
    The only thing I've ever sold at these stands is milk. I always need to dump some, so getting double (what, a whopping 16 or 18? ) coins for that was ok. I can't imagine going to the trouble of making something like chocolate, and then selling it. Maybe if your barn is maxed out, and you'd be selling it anyway, but there are a lot of other things I'd sell before selling chocolate, or other goods using already processed items in their manufacture.

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    Sandro Sebastiani
    so.. two weeks passed... and still no update for MAC users.. shall we wait directly for the August update (that for us, obviously, will be released in September) or can we hope to be considered as customers?

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    Sandro... Playrix stated earlier that the Mac update should be out by the end of next week...

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    Sandro Sebastiani
    Fantastic! So first it was 1 week later, then 2 weeks later.. now 3 weeks later.. not bad!

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    Please tell us that we are at least getting some more land expansions in August ?? Gosh it's the only thing keeping half of us going that we can spread out and re design.......

    Please let us know that at least before you go off on holiday

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