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Thread: Philosophy On Asking For Help To Fill Crates

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    Hi Alizar - I've never seen an explanation for the leaderboard - other than I guess it shows who is doing how much. I don't think there are any rewards for players in the system.

    Same here - I keep enough in stock to fill my own trains.

    I too have friends who rarely fill boxes. But I have tons of friends who 'do'. So I don't mind filling boxes of people who don't reciprocate - it's a clover for my own HOL - and a way of dealing with overload - i.e. when I have 25 bananas

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    I do exactly what you do.... As soon as my plane leaves I check what's needed next.... And I try to at least get over half the stuff sorted...
    Sometimes yes, I will ask for one help out of each of the three items, once or twice I've accidentally ticked same item twice and I scurry away like an idiot trying to get the item so not asking for two of the same .....

    I save my clovers till 50 too as I like a good play in the house of luck.... But don't get the multiples you do bless you, as you're always helping people....

    I try not to ask for high amounts of an item..... Some people I attempt to help think nothing of asking for 65 Corn etc x 3 and such like... But then I look at their field and it's half empty not growing stuff ?

    Some friends I help have never helped me .... And yes I know it can be hard to catch a person, but not once over 18 months.... That's a long time... But I just do what I can ....

    If I've had a bad day or two health wise I may go asking for a fair bit help in one day but never big multiples etc... I'd rather send my plane away empty than over impose on people.. Which I have done and it's why my planes sent is fair bit lower than quite a few of my friends.

    But I know everyone is different... I guess I just really hope I never ask too much of people... I'd rather be told than cause any bother...

    The only ongoing thing I wish is that about three of the people that can help me or me them I have nothing to go on but a question mark and it drives me nuts.... We can only send 5 gifts so which of the three question marks do I choose..... Something really needs to be done about the question marks .......

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    Hey Chic - BTW it's a hot muggy day here - the sky is full of smoke from forest fires in provinces to the west - yes - poor them ;-( so it's a good day to do some Forum stuff. Quite enjoy reading others' strategies and getting feedback.

    Yup - me too - there have been times when I've tapped the wrong item - oops! and then go scrambling just like you so people don't think I'm over-reaching on asking for help - lol

    Yes - a "good play in the HOL" - what a good way of describing that. I would be a gambler in another life - don't do it in real life - saving for a washing machine (seriously ;-). So quite enjoy that HOL. But I only get winning streaks of Tcash maybe once a month or less. On the other hand - I will get times when the HOL gives me something I need. Never enough coconut - same for you? Yet so many products require it as an ingredient. I always cringe when players suggest new recipes and items. NOOOOOOO - that means more things that may require an item we get rarely. When I buy coconut from Raja - the most I can get is the meager sum of 4

    Asking for 65 corn - You know what? I have friends who get those order requests from their planes yet I've never once been asked for that myself - knock on wood. I look at - what level are they? If they are lower - they may not have barn space. So if I have time - and note my work is a mental marathon - I don't mind the mindless activity (and mental break) of producing 65 corn 3 times for someone.

    Re when you've had a bad health day - and go asking - hey I say "Go ahead and ask!"....people have the option of not helping - maybe they don't have the items, maybe they need the items for their own trains. But it never hurts to ask. I don't feel bothered by whatever help people ask for. I do what I can - and trust things will get sorted out when I can't. Sure enough - when I go looking later on - they're not asking - so that means someone else has helped, or they've been able to themselves. Fortunately the planes give lots of hours to fill crates.

    Chic - your last paragraph: you are referring to the avatars? Yes, that's a problem for sure. Quite a few of my faceless friends have different shapes to their heads - so I can figure out who they are. As to sending 5 gifts - I'm not sure who suggested it a long time ago - but here's what I do re gifting:
    1. I have over 100 friends. I give to 5 friends one day. Take a screen shot. Next day I give to the next 5 friends. Which means each of my friends will get a balloon gift once every 20 days.
    2. Exception: if a friend has been away and comes back - they get a balloon that day
    3. Exception: there are new players at lower levels who friend me through GC. When we first become friends I send them a balloon - like "Welcome!".
    4. Exception: there are times - when either from forum/talk or whatever - I think a friend needs a "cheerio good on you mate" balloon - they get one.
    5. I typically stay with #1 to be fair.

    Not sure if my gifting balloon system makes sense? I notice many people gift me for helping them. But so many people help me too - I can't thank each of them all the time. That's the hard part!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alizar77 View Post

    P.S: That is why I tend to think negative of those who for example ask for all three boxes of a single item at the airport. I think come on! You should at least try to put some effort to fill one of it yourself given you have more than 10 hours to do so.
    I see that quite often happening, especially with large quantities of crop (just viewed a friend´s request for 3 x 65 corn). She´s got about 9 3/4 hours left but I think her problem is simply not enough barn space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krizzpy View Post
    I see that quite often happening, especially with large quantities of crop (just viewed a friend´s request for 3 x 65 corn). She´s got about 9 3/4 hours left but I think her problem is simply not enough barn space.
    Hey Krizzpy - yes - I think the same as you - not enough barn space - poor dear
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    I just love the way you think and play :-)

    Thanks for making me feel bit better when I think I've asked for too much help, when I've had a poor health day.... It's done me good to hear that.

    Yes I totally agree about the coconuts but I've fathomed out lol, that Raja won't give any more than a ship would bring... I never get more than 4 of any of the 4 islands items.... I guess they would have to set it like that or why bother sending the ships....?

    No I'm not a gambler either.... So I like the fun of the HOL.... :-)

    Yes Sandy I did mean the Avatars.... But I think your strategy of how you gift is really good.... I might adopt it if you don't mind.... I don't have anywhere near the friends you have maybe half so it would be a good system of giving, except yes I like to "treat" specially on occasion !!

    I've been working hard since the last update of increasing my coins.... And since we now have the booster for double price orders, and double crops, I've been able to use about half my field for growing and making a good profit selling.... I've climbed up from initially 1.5 million to 5.5 million now.... So I'm very happy with my system at present plus when I do come across the occasional big help asked for of what in growing then yeah it goes to my friends.... So it's all good. Especially as I can't wait for the July land expansions as I want to do some re designing of my town.... It keeps me well occupied, when I can't read.

    Weather here just now is a heatwave for my part of England.... But we have had quite a few thunder and lightning storms over the last week or so.... I'm not really a fan of thunder lol...

    I do hope you are doing ok in yourself just now Sandy and good luck on saving for your washing machine... I know what that's like !! Lol.

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    All I can say is every time I find myself in a bit of a jam - be it plane or train - I have friends who come to my rescue. They are almost always Forum friends, too.

    I feel badly that I am a bit of a "fair weather" friend 5 out of every 7 days. Even on slow days at work, I usually check in at the wrong hours to be helpful to my friends who have already come and gone.
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    Hey Chic - thanks for your kind words - let's consider us part of a "mutual admiration society"

    And you go ahead and ask for help gal-pal!

    Oh - so Raja never gives more than a ship brings. I didn't know that. And I also didn't notice we never get more than 4 of anything from the island people. I so appreciate people like you who notice this stuff and teach me. Thank you!

    Yes please go ahead and adopt this way of gift giving - but I can't take credit. Maybe it was Gray Lady? Nana? Someone a long time ago said they were doing this. So kudos to whoever they were.

    You're at 5.5 million? OMG - well you're way above me on the Forbes List! Congrats friend. Wow!

    Yes gotta love those boosters eh? I'm running out of - is it topaz? - the yellow one? - (I don't remember the names of the colours). I was wondering "What would life be like without the boosters?" This morning went mining and found 2. Felt such relief - ha

    I never considered growing crops - to sell - to earn coins.

    Let me ask you a question - why do we need 5 million coins? Why do I need the 3 million that I have? The last major update - yes I spent perhaps almost a million on stuff - but now am back up over the 3 mill mark. In July you will do some re-designing - great - but would you need so many coins? Would love your thoughts/feedback on this.

    Thunder and lightening - that was last night. Many parts of my city lost power for a few hours. I love thunder and lightening. Mother Nature saying "Hello - I'm here".

    Washing machine: good news to report. July 1 was Canada Day (birthday), was at a friend's home - threw out the question to my friends "Okay I need a washing machine. Thoughts?" One friend said he has a connection - I can buy a new machine - with a scratch on it - and save $300! Well - he made my day.

    Yes I'm doing good in my life now. Busy which is good. Family is good. Hope you're well too?

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    Hi Sandy.... Well I'm definitely into the mutual admiration society !!! And as for Gal Pal.... Oh I love that ...thank you.

    My observations on Raja when we buy island stuff is just that, personally he never sells me more than 4.... But if you hear different from our more wiser friends like Ralph or Nana, Graylady etc.. Please do tell lol..... They are great for answers aren't they !!!

    Some days I'm lucky with the gems.... Me... I just called them Yellow, Green, Red and Purple haha.... Until I started reading about Topaz and Ruby etc..... Then I joined the educated ha ha.... Some weeks I gather loads other maybe just 3 or 4 !!

    My coins ? Well Sandy I hope this makes sense lol..... because in my head I want all the expansion land plots they will ever give us lol.... I save towards those. And the supposedly big August (possibly) update or whenever "The Zoo" comes, I want to be able to feel like I can spend spend spend ha !!
    Plus I'm forever hopeful in my mind that the Devs will give us higher end players more to build for our Town than the current situation of the likes of going from level 82 to 100 with nothing !!! No houses, shops or anything.... So I hope they really do something about that, as its too long to go I think, and because enough of us have asked and suggested this I wait in baited breath lol...... So will my coins !!
    I never expected to get the coins I have it's just sort of progressed. But now I'm "healthy" in that department... Then I can stop buying or wanting to buy the boosters all the time....

    As for the growing part of my field for profit.... It was listening to the likes of Ralph, Nana, Rick etc (I think, hope my memory's not failing me here) on about doing similar way back when I joined the forum, even with the wheat that's free to grow so you make money selling it, that once the boosters came I hatched my plot ha ha... No pun intended !!

    To be honest I've heard you's talk about the Forbes list but I didn't know what you meant..... Lol. So thank you now I do..

    Great news on the Washing machine front.....those are the best type of friends aren't they !! On the look out for each other....Pleased you got sorted.. I'm also very pleased to hear your doing well just now... So good !!

    And I must just say Sandy I know most people have very busy lives but I'm stuck at home a lot !! (Not feeling sorry for myself, just explaining) so I wanted to say thank you for the lovely chat on here with breaks my monotony bless you.
    Yes I have health issues.... A few things and lot of pain at times.... I have good and bad days as I call them, good is pain I can cope with, bad is severe..... but today has been a good day so thank you for asking dear pal :-)
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    For me, one of the main values of the House of Luck is the game within a game aspect. But I also discovered over time that it can be a good way to get Tcash and land expansion items, which never come fast enough on the trains for me. Similar to others who have commented here, I prefer to wait until I have at least 45 clovers before I play at HOL. But because so few people on my friends list regularly ask for help, it takes me days to accumulate that many clovers, even on a weekend when I'm playing all day long! And I check my friends list every time I log into the game.

    If someone asks for help, and I have it in my barn, I help them. If it's a crop that I can harvest right away for them, I will. If it's something that I'm currently working on for my trains or plane, well, then I don't.

    And I do sometimes ask for help on all three crates of the same item on the plane -- because I have elected not to build some factories. Since I have no way of filling those crates myself (it's not worth it to me to use Raja for this), I figure I'm giving multiple people a chance to win clovers, which is usually what happens. I don't expect one person to fill all three! Though that has happened on occasion.

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